Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Baby Shower

Today memories crowded upon me and i decided to tell you about my Baby Shower. I even didn't think about Baby Shower but my good friends said: hey, let's orginize Baby Shower for your baby! And we began to prepare to this beautiful holiday - Baby Shower, my Baby Shower!!!

Before we read about Gwen Stefany's Baby Shower in the magazine and about some others star Baby Showers and decided to organize something like this with massed quests, games, baloons, gifts for my baby and surely with gigantic cake.
After reading numerous papers and articles it was diceded to take a rubber duckie theme - it's the most popular one and there are many variaties of decoration.

1st step: it's invitations. Another my good girl-friend did it for me. She is great paintist and her great team created not a just ordinary invitations - it was masterpiece with lovely pictures on Disney theme.:) All of my friends and I watched and loved all Disney's cartoons. That's why our decition about decoration of invitation was easy.:) Unfortunatelly I haven't scanned one now. Later I added it here.:)May be I told about creation of invitations in separate blog.

2nd step: the next Baby Shower's point is the most delicious thing - CAKE! By the way you asked why I took part in organization of my Baby Shower. I'll answer. I adore to organize some parties that's why I broke with tradition and organized Baby Shower with my girl-friends. I looked through all cookery book to find some ideas for the Cake, and how it was pleasant to cook this cake by myself.

3rd step: it's games on Baby Shower. Here I washed my hands of Games for Baby Shower and surely the Internet helped me. I made use of services of special firm: Baby Shower Fundamentals I have never seen some of my friends such happy and in such high spirit like on Baby Shower. I thought:"Our babies try us to revent to the childhood."

We celebrated Baby Shower in our villadge on fresh air, what is very nessesary for future mom.:) Everything was like I dreamed and sure my boy got many gifts from guests. I'll show you some examples, what you can gift for a Baby on Baby Shower: a lot of Clothes for Baby surely and many other Gift for a Baby on Baby Shower : Natural Charm Infant Rompers , Natural Charm Infant Jumpers , Natural Bath robe , Natural Charm Infant Romper - Applique , Natural Charm Booties, Natural Charm Hat , Natural Charm Fancy Feeding Bib , Natural Charm Night Gown , Natural Charm Sleeper (no feet) , Natural Charm Sleeper , Natural Charm Terry Romper , Natural Diapervest , Thing 1 Onesie , Cheeritoes , Week of Baby Socks , Terry Wash Cloth, Terry Hooded Towel , Safer Bather , Bug in a Rug Baby Wrap , Babycoon Bath Seat , BeddieBye Zip Around Safety Blanket , BeddieBye Terry Wearable Safety Blanket , Piccolo Bambino Cotton Chenille Blanket with Toy , Baby Basket , Natural Basket For Baby , Bunting Bag , Diapees and Wipees , Jogger Rain Cover , Gift Set , or this one gift for baby Gift Set For Baby on Baby Shower . And sure very cute Gift for a Baby on Baby Shower will be this thng - The Original Diaper Cake - For the ULTIMATE baby gift, click here!.
My Baby Shower was the beautiful party!Do the same for yourself and for your Baby!:)

Friday, 13 April 2007

The best present for mammy

Hello everyone!I am Fairy.:)Sure it's nickname but some of my friends use it more often than my real name.
May be some miracles were done in my life by vertue of such nickname...Any way I decided to start this blog to tell you about the one and the most important miracle in my life.I will state every new events,helpful information or just funny stories before you. Oh! yes....what about this miracle...:)
During 2 years I've wished only one thing on my birthday...It was to have a baby. And it seemed to me if I knew about my pregnancy right on my birthday it would be the best present for me for the rest of my life.
I coundn't even image that it would come true and on my 21 birthday finally I would get this present.
Now my sweetheart, my little son is sleeping at his bed and It's happiness . But in the same time it's hard work because you answer for the baby. You have so many questions (when? how? what? etc) and you go over all books about baby care and run to the computer to find the answers in the Internet.

May be next time you will find answers exactly here - in the blog of one crasy mother, who wants to know everything about the evolution of the baby, habits,thoughts and dreams...e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!!!let's go.