Friday, 13 April 2007

The best present for mammy

Hello everyone!I am Fairy.:)Sure it's nickname but some of my friends use it more often than my real name.
May be some miracles were done in my life by vertue of such nickname...Any way I decided to start this blog to tell you about the one and the most important miracle in my life.I will state every new events,helpful information or just funny stories before you. Oh! yes....what about this miracle...:)
During 2 years I've wished only one thing on my birthday...It was to have a baby. And it seemed to me if I knew about my pregnancy right on my birthday it would be the best present for me for the rest of my life.
I coundn't even image that it would come true and on my 21 birthday finally I would get this present.
Now my sweetheart, my little son is sleeping at his bed and It's happiness . But in the same time it's hard work because you answer for the baby. You have so many questions (when? how? what? etc) and you go over all books about baby care and run to the computer to find the answers in the Internet.

May be next time you will find answers exactly here - in the blog of one crasy mother, who wants to know everything about the evolution of the baby, habits,thoughts and dreams...e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!!!let's go.

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